Government Age Pension

The Government Age Pension is a social security benefit

Many people combine their super pension with the Government Age Pension to provide their income in retirement. Only some people use the super pension as their main source of income in retirement.

As at September 2013, the maximum fortnightly Age Pension payment is:

Single $827.10*
Couple $623.40* (each)

* This payment includes: fortnightly pension supplement that is currently - single $61.70, couples $46.50 (each). Fortnightly Clean Energy Supplement that is currently - single $13.70, couples $10.30 (each).Source: as at September 2013

calculator Use our age pension estimator to see how much you may be eligible for. Visit Department of Human Services for more information

Government Age Pension income and assets test

In order to qualify for the maximum pension amount you need to pass both the asset and income tests. The test which gives you the lowest entitlement will be used to determine the amount of Government Age Pension received.

Asset test

The table below shows the maximum assets you can hold before your pension payment is reduced.

Some assets are deemed to earn income, while some assets are not included in the assets test. Visit the Department of Human Services website at for more information.

  Maximum pension if your assets are equal to or less than No pension if your assets are equal to or greater than
Single, homeowner $196,750 $748,250
Single, non-homeowner $339,250 $890,750
Couple, homeowners $279,000 per couple $1,110,500 per couple
Couple, non-homeowners $421,500 per couple $1,253,000 per couple

Source: Department of Human Services, September 2013

Income test

The table below shows the maximum income you can earn before your pension is reduced.

Maximum pension if your income is equal to or less than No pension if your income is equal to or greater than
Single $156 per fortnight $1,810.20 per fortnight
Couple (combined) $276 per fortnight $2,769.60 per fortnight

Source: Department of Human Services, September 2013

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