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At AustralianSuper we believe that every working Australian has the right to a long and happy retirement. This united purpose guides us in all that we do; to always improve, innovate, perform and be our best so that we can deliver the best outcomes for our members. We have no shareholders to pay dividends to, so we return all profits to members.

AustralianSuper is one of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds with more than $100 billion in member assets* and more than 2.1 million members. That’s one in 10 working Australians.

We strive to be thought leaders in the superannuation industry and we are at the forefront of the industry in terms of performance. Our progressive growth plans and internal investment management capability mean the opportunities to be involved in so many different aspects of our industry have never been better. Together we’re going from strength to strength.

*as at 30 June 2016

United in creating value for members

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Alistair Barker

Investments Team Q&A with Alistair Barker

“Every investment decision we make is put through the members-first lens. While trying to drive costs down, we strive to improve performance wherever we can. In everything we do, our goal is to deliver more investment return for less.

We are always asking ourselves, "Which is the right strategy for us to deliver the best after-fee return to members? Our investment goal is to maximise the retirement savings of our members."

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Ros Nairn

Corporate Services Team Q&A with Ros Nairn

“When I started here, we were managing a $33 billion fund. Today, it’s a $100 billion fund – and we have grown our employee base from 150 to almost 500.

In the early days, the finance team was small and everyone knew what was going on in all parts of the business. Today, the team is much larger and individual roles are more specialised. To help drive the growth, it’s vital that we constantly reassess our processes. We are always asking, “What can be automated? What’s outdated?”

We’re always looking for ways to make things more efficient – which comes back to doing the right thing by our members.”

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