Be the face of AustralianSuper

Want to be a face of AustralianSuper?

We feature real members in our marketing campaigns.

We’re looking for AustralianSuper members who’d like to be featured in a range of marketing activities including TV commercials, printed material, online material and interviews with the media.

You don’t need to be a model or an actor, but you do need to be comfortable speaking in front of a camera and having us film you (and perhaps some of your family) in your home or workplace.

Talk to us

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve recently:

  • joined AustralianSuper
  • combined your accounts by moving other super into your AustralianSuper account
  • taken out insurance with AustralianSuper
  • changed jobs and taken your AustralianSuper account with you
  • made a contribution to your partner’s super account
  • started adding to your super from before or after tax pay
  • received financial advice (particularly in the lead-up to retiring)
  • set up an AustralianSuper Choice Income account.

AustralianSuper is a fund for everyone

We're keen to hear from members who are:

  • starting their careers
  • in the midst of their careers
  • families with young children
  • planning for retirement
  • transitioning into retirement
  • recently retired.

Opportunities come up all the time, so register your interest by completing the form below and we’ll be in touch if the right thing comes along.

We’ll pay you for your time for any paid advertising, such as TV commercials or photo shoots for brochures. But due to the need for journalistic integrity, we can’t pay you for media comments.

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What type of insurance do you have?

Are you making additional voluntary contributions?

Have you changed your investment options?

Are you retired or retiring in the next 12 months?
Have you sought financial advice?

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