Tax time super tips

In the lead up to the end of the financial year (EOFY), having the right information on hand is important if you need help and guidance around superannuation and tax. 
Here we’ve put together some tips to help make tax time as easy as possible for you.

1. Know the before-tax contribution limit

Now’s a good time to check where you’re at with your before-tax (concessional) contributions, so you can avoid the consequences of going over the current limit of $25,000 a financial year.

Check your total contributions for this financial year to date by logging into your account. Refer to the 'Concessional' amount shown on the 'Add to your super' page.

Learn more by taking a look at our Add to your super and retire with more fact sheet.

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2. Consider spouse contributions

Depending on your and your partner’s income, taking advantage of spouse contributions can help reduce your taxable income and boost your savings. If your income* is less than $40,000, your partner may be eligible to receive a tax offset of up to 18% on contributions to your super of up to $3,000.

Make a spouse contribution by logging into your account. Refer to the 'Make a spouse contribution' button on the 'Add to your super' page.

Understand spouse contributions


3. Check your insurance

During periods of uncertainty, it can be difficult to think about the longer term — but now might be exactly the right time to think about the level of insurance you need.

Use our insurance calculator to understand what cover you need and how much it'll cost.

How insurance works


4. Consider a super top-up

If you're able to contribute more to your super, doing so before the end of the financial year could be a great way to boost your savings for the future and save tax.

Discover your options for adding to your super by logging into your account.

Ways to grow your super


Getting started

Sometimes all you need is a little help understanding your super options. We have a range of advice options to help you every step of the way. After all, we’re committed to helping you create the future you want.

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*The sum of your assessable income (disregarding your First Home Super Saver released amount for the income year), total reportable fringe benefits amounts and reportable employer superannuation contributions. 
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