Missing out on super payments? It’s time to put your hand up

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Could you have unpaid super?

Chances are your employer is doing the right thing and paying your super. Most employers in Australia do, and their employees benefit from having money saved for their future.

Problem is millions of Australians are missing out on their super payments as some employers pay their contributions late or even miss them.

If this applies to you, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of your retirement savings.

Unpaid super adds up over time

On average, workers with unpaid super miss out on 4 months of super worth $1,489. Research shows that 60 to 64 year olds who earned between $50,000 and $75,000 and had unpaid super in 2013/14, had $35,089 less in super, on average, than those who were paid correctly.*

Down 35k at 60 years old

Helping you have a better retirement

$25 million

How much AustralianSuper collected in unpaid super on behalf of members in 2015/16.

Put your hand up now to be better off later

There are things you can do to check you’re getting paid all your super.

Generally, your employer must pay 9.5% of your pay into super. Some of your pay should be going into super every time you get paid.

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Things to check with your employer

Some employers pay your super when you get paid, while others pay later.

Here’s a few things worth checking with your employer:

  • • Do they have the correct details of your super fund?
  • • How much super is being paid?
  • • When your super is paid – this could be each time you get paid, monthly or quarterly.

Your super contributions should appear on your payslip. If you're not sure they've been paid you can also check your super account.

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How we can help

Here’s three ways we’re making it easy for you to check your super.

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Mobile app

It’s the easiest way to check your super payments. The mobile app will send you an alert each time your employer has made a payment to your account.

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Online account

Check we’ve received your employer contributions in Manage my account.

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Call us

Call us

Call us on 1300 300 273 if you need help checking your account or following up unpaid super. 

Alternatively, you can speak to your union representative.

Learn more about unpaid super

We want to help all Australians to have a better retirement. Odds are you may know someone who has unpaid super, so share this information with your family and friends.

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