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As at 18 December 2019
Thank you for visiting to find out more about the former Kingswood Golf Course site at Dingley. The site is owned by AustralianSuper, and ISPT is the development manager.

Drop-in session information

We conducted three drop-in sessions throughout November, to provide community members with the opportunity to ask questions and provide their feedback on what they’d like to see included in the clubhouse revitalisation and open space. We had the pleasure of speaking with over 180 community members over the three sessions.

The drop-in sessions had a number of posters on display around the room, to help the community better understand things like what is the Golf Course Redevelopment Standing Advisory Committee? and what benefits might a new development bring to Dingley Village?

For those community members that were unable to attend a drop-in session, we are sharing some of that information with you below.

Next Steps?

Phase one of the consultation process has concluded, but once the State Government delivers the guidelines (early 2020) we’ll be back to continue conversations with the community, around February, regarding the second phase of consultation.   If you are currently not receiving our email updates and would like to, please get in touch with us via the Contact us section below.

As at 18 November 2019

We want to hear from you - Come to a clubhouse session and share your ideas with us!

AustralianSuper would like to meet you and hear your ideas about how you would like to see our Dingley Village property developed.

These sessions aim to:

  • Find out what would like to see included in any potential future clubhouse revitalisation
  • Understand ideas for open space
  • Provide you answers to issues raised
  • Understand the problems you’d like addressed as part of any new proposal

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the people who live in and love Dingley Village to help shape the way your community grows.

Where: Old Kingswood Clubhouse, Centre Dandenong Rd, Dingley Village

When: Come anytime that suits you on the following days/times:

Date Time
Thursday 14 November 2019 3-6pm
Thursday 21 November 2019 4-8pm*
Thursday 28 November 2019 3-6pm
*extended session.

Do you speak another language?

Find out more about how you can get involved by viewing information in the following languages: 

I speak Chinese
I speak Greek
I speak Hebrew
I speak Hindi
I speak Vietnamese

What’s happening at the site?

Plans for development were placed on hold following Kingston City Council’s abandonment of the initial application in October 2018.

You may have heard that the State Government will finalise its Planning Guidelines for Golf Course Redevelopment in Melbourne’s Urban Growth Boundary in early 2020. Under this process AustralianSuper will decide whether to submit a new proposal to develop the Kingswood Country Golf Course site, purchased in 2014.

While we wait for the Planning Guidelines to be finalised, we would like to hear from the community to seek input and feedback about what’s important and how the space could be developed.

The site is currently being maintained while future plans are on hold. The site is no longer an operational golf course, and its maintenance program has been adjusted accordingly.

We have an obligation to maintain the site against weeds, to minimise fire risk, and to protect the safety of any person who may be on the site. All maintenance is undertaken in close consultation with City of Kingston, and we ensure all permits and approvals for tree maintenance and other activities are in place prior to works commencing.

All maintenance activities occur with a full Health and Safety Management Plan in place.

When the new State Government Planning Guidelines for Golf Course Redevelopment are finalised, the community's ideas, input and involvement will help shape any refreshed proposal we develop.

Recent maintenance activities

Plans to develop the site were placed on hold following the City of Kingston’s rejection of the initial application in October 2018. Because the site is no longer a golf course, the maintenance program has been adjusted accordingly to ensure that the site is safe as we go into summer. For updates on our maintenance program, please check the link below.

Learn more

What will happen with the future of the site?

In late August 2019, the Victorian Government announced there is a new planning process for golf course redevelopments.

The Victorian Government has established a new Golf Course Redevelopment Advisory Committee. The committee will:

  1. Review draft Planning Guidelines for golf course redevelopments, expected to be finalised in early 2020.
  2. Review and advise on proposals to redevelop golf course land in Melbourne’s Urban Growth Corridor, in which the former Kingswood Golf Course is located.

The State Government has more information available at: www.planning.vic.gov.au, or contact them directly on 03 8392 5120.

When the new Planning Guidelines are finalised, AustralianSuper will assess whether to proceed with a refreshed proposal to develop the site in response to the new guidelines.

Any future refreshed proposal will be developed in full consultation with Dingley community and stakeholders.

Contact us

Please leave a message at 1300 281 235.

Email: HowardS@australiansuper.com

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