Work less towards retirement

Work less, Save more

Working fewer hours as you get older can be a good path into retirement and may enable you to keep working for longer should you wish to do so.

By using your retirement income account to make up the difference in reduced salary, you can:

  • ease into retirement or extend your career by working less
  • use your super to replace any lost income
  • continue to grow your super as you keep working
  • • receive tax free income payments when you turn 60*.

* Income payments paid may be subject to personal income tax if you’re under 60.


If working less isn’t an option for you, you could still grow your super through tax savings. Find out how you can use transition to retirement (TTR) to Save more.

We’re here to help

Transition to retirement can be complicated and may not be suitable for everyone, so it’s a good idea to get personal financial advice before you start.

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