Get super fit

Get Super Fit and improve your financial wellbeing

Get Super Fit with a webinar workout that will provide useful tips and information to help you navigate super and improve your financial fitness.

Whether you’re just starting out on your super journey, or beginning to think about life after work, these webinars will provide you with valuable insights into building your wealth for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.


Financial fitness - A workout for your future wellbeing

Working healthy financial habits into your everyday life can help you achieve your future financial goals. Learn the importance of budgeting, saving and understanding debt to build your financial fitness.

Do you need $1 million to retire?

How much money do you need to retire? It’s a question most Australians ask themselves at some stage. You might have heard you need $1 million – it’s the figure that’s often thrown around as the financial retirement ideal. Learn more about how much you might need to fund your lifestyle in retirement and ways to boost your super while you’re still working.

Who inherits your super?

What happens to your super when you're gone? Did you know it isn’t automatically covered by your estate? Learn about how you can nominate your loved ones and understand the potential tax consequences for different beneficiaries.

Get your super sorted

There are simple things you can do that could make a big difference to your super for retirement. Discover some practical steps to help you take control of your superannuation.

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