Why choose AustralianSuper?


Why choose AustralianSuper?

Learn how a good super fund like AustralianSuper can make a big difference to your super.

Important information

Information provided in this video current as at November 2014. This material is of a general nature and does not take into account your personal objectives, situation or needs. Before making a decision about AustralianSuper, consider your financial requirements and read our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), available at www.australiansuper.com or by calling 1300 300 273. Investment returns are not guaranteed as all investments carry some risk. Past performance gives no indication of future returns.

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AustralianSuper. Why choose AustralianSuper? Choosing the right superfund is a bit like choosing the right car. Sure, all cars have four wheels and an engine, but some cars offer much more. In a car, you look for great mileage, the options you need, and good value for money. And it's the same in a superfund. While our employers pay our super, most of us can choose our superfund. You should look for a history of strong performance, a wide range of investment choices, insurance options, and low fees....
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Investment returns. Strong returns are possibly the most important thing in your super. Like the mileage on your car, it's how your super savings grow while you're working. AustralianSuper's default option has outperformed its benchmark over the past 10 years, and no dividends are paid to shareholders. So every dollar you invest works harder for your retirement.

Low fees. As one of Australia's largest funds, we use our size to keep fees low, to help you end up with more in your pocket when you need it most, when you've retired. We strive to give members great value for money through products and services which help grow their super and meet their needs now and in retirement.

Investment choice. We offer a wide range of investment options, giving you the flexibility to put in place an investment strategy that's just right for you. You can also get access to the share market through our do-it-yourself investment option, Member Direct. And if you don't want to choose, that's fine too. Your super will be invested in our balanced option, which is MySuper authorized.

Insurance. As you go through life, your insurance needs may change, so we offer a range of options so you can make sure you've got the right cover at the right time. And we use our size to negotiate group rates for members. We provide three types of cover. One, death cover. Two, total and permanent disablement cover. And three, income protection cover.

Driving into your future. So you see, AustralianSuper provides the key things needed from a superfund: great value, strong long-term performance, a wide range of investment choices, and flexible insurance. That way, we can help you navigate the bends and potholes along the road to a more comfortable retirement.

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