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AustralianSuper makes it easy for employers to meet their super needs. And not only is AustralianSuper good for employers - we deliver a better deal for your staff too.

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Hi, I'm Peter Clifford from AustralianSuper, and I'd like to talk about how we make it easy for you, as an employer, to meet your super needs. Employers choose AustralianSuper for two main reasons. Firstly, we make super administration easy with our online payment system, removing the hassle of paperwork. Secondly, your staff benefit from our low fees and strong long-term investment performance. We don't pay dividends to shareholders or commissions to financial advisers that can reduce investment returns...
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Even a small difference in investment performance and fees can have a big effect on your staff's long-term super savings. As one of the largest industry funds, we give you leading workplace and education services that keeps your super workload to a minimum. Depending on your workforce size, you can either contribute per employee or upload a payroll file. We have divisions for specific industries and tailored plans to suit individual businesses. We also offer clearinghouse services, phone support, and workplace visits.

To join AustralianSuper, just go to and complete the online form. It costs nothing and the form only takes about 10 minutes to finish. Have your contact details and ABN handy, this will speed things up. Once you've submitted your online application, we'll e-mail you within 48 hours details of how you can transact with us. Finally, don't just take my word for it that AustralianSuper is good for you and your staff. Get an independent super comparison report from I'm Peter Clifford from AustralianSuper. Thanks for your time.

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