Unfinished Business: with Hernan

Unfinished Business: with Hernan

Don’t change, unless you want to.
Hernan’s life happily revolves around his part-time job, his family and his music – and AustralianSuper will make sure it stays that way.

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My sister who came here in 1976 went to Chile to visit us. And she asked everyone, "Who wants to go to live in Australia?" And I said to my sister, "Yeah, I would like to go. The opportunities that the children can have in Australia will be better than Chile."....
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When I was in Chile, I never had the opportunity to join a band, a group. But when I came here, one day, my friend he offered to me, "Hernan, you have a good voice. Do you want to join us?" I started with them singing the music from Chile.

In Spanish, the group name is Campo Lindo, Beautiful Country. One day I went to visit my best friend, Bernardo. He was working in a petrol station. And he said, "You need to work here." And since then until 2012, 22 years, working as a console operator.

In some petrol stations, they have contract with different Super. When I have the opportunity to have a choice, and I said, "No, you are no good. Hasta la vista baby." I moved to AustralianSuper. First, the fees were less than the other companies. If I'm called into an adviser, he or she will give me a lot of information. I'm just here for service, and this is the main reason why I'm with AustralianSuper.

I came here; I gave to my children a good education. They went to university. They have a very good job. Now, I'm waiting to be a grandfather, but they are a little bit lazy. I'm a musician. I'm an actor now. I'm singing. I pay my house. What more I want to do? Enjoy the life.

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