Our operations

AustralianSuper is committed to providing quality service. We employ managers and specialist staff in-house, and complement their expertise with external service providers.

In-house expertise

The Board of Directors oversees all aspects of AustralianSuper and is made up of equal numbers of Directors representing members and employers. There may also be independent Directors.

The Investment Committee monitors a range of issues relating to the economy, investment markets, the Fund and its appointed investment managers.

Key staff ensure AustralianSuper runs efficiently on a day-to-day level and that service standards are met or exceeded. 

Service provider Provider
Accountant Superpartners Pty Ltd
Actuary The Heron Partnership Pty Ltd 
Administrators  Superpartners Pty Ltd
Mercer (Corporate Division)
Bank  National Australia Bank 
Custodians  JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Superpartners Pty Ltd (bank accounts)
External auditor KPMG
Group life insurer TAL Limited
Internal auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers
Investment managers View managers
Legal advisers Holding Redlich
IFS Legal Pty Ltd
Maurice Blackburn Commercial
Mercer Legal
Principal investment advisers JANA Investment Advisers Pty Ltd
Frontier Investment Consulting
Tax adviser KPMG

AustralianSuper has a number of Material Service Providers


Advising members of changes

AustralianSuper notifies member of important changes to their super using Significant Event Notices.





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