Past performance for our closed investment options

The following options have closed:
Closed option Date closed
Australian Fixed Interest
International Fixed Interest
International Shares - Hedged
29 January 2016
Australian Sustainable Shares
International Sustainable Shares
27 May 2016
Capital Guaranteed 22 September 2017
Property 10 September 2021 

So you can view the past performance of these closed options, we’ve put together the information below about their daily performance. We’ve also provided their past performance compared against benchmarks.

Daily performance

Daily crediting rates are based on the actual daily investment returns. These rates are combined on a daily compounding basis to work out the exact return that applies to your account. Click on the links below to view the daily rates from 1 July 2015 until each option closed.

Daily performance from 1 July 2015 - closed super options - xlsx, 58KB

Daily performance from 1 July 2015 - closed Choice Income options - xlsx, 58KB

Performance vs benchmarks

Click on the links below to view the closed options’ returns against their performance benchmarks over 1, 3, 5, 10 years (if applicable) and since inception.

Performance vs benchmarks - closed super options - pdf, 212KB

Performance vs benchmarks - closed Choice Income options - pdf, 212KB

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