How will you fund your retirement?

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Discover retirement funding options 

Planning for retirement means taking stock of your super and deciding the best ways to manage your finances. For many people, super plays a key part in financing their retirement years. And super can also supplement the Government Age Pension if you’re eligible.

There are several options to manage your retirement savings. Some people choose to keep their super invested throughout their retirement using an account-based pension. This allows their super to potentially earn investment returns and may help it last longer into retirement.

See the different retirement funding options: 

Types of funding 

Options for funding your retirement

There are lots of ways to fund retirement - savings, investments, Government Age Pension, even downsizing if that’s right for you. On top of that, once you reach preservation age and have met a condition of release, you’ll be able to access your super. 

Choosing how to manage your super nest egg in retirement is an important factor in how long your savings will last and the lifestyle you can lead. And understanding the income options available to you in retirement can be a great way to get your retirement planning started and boost your confidence. Explore some options below and see which could suit your retirement needs. 

Spotlight: the difference an account-based pension could make 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), life expectancy has increased over the past decade, which means your super will most likely need to last longer. If you’re looking to make the most of super throughout your retirement, an account-based pension could help. It can give you a regular income from your super while keeping the rest invested. 

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