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Getting you ready for retirement

With tools and support to suit your situation

Everyone’s retirement story is different. And many people need to retire earlier or later than they expect. Choosing a fund that puts members first means being part of a fund that offers expert guidance based on your circumstances. It’s just one way AustralianSuper helps 2.2 million members4 prepare for a better retirement.

Why Lynnsy switched to AustralianSuper

When reviewing her finances for a home renovation, Lynnsy came to realise her super balance wasn’t up to scratch. She discusses why fund performance matters and how AustralianSuper helped her get back on track. 

Why Lynnsy switched to AustralianSuper


Awarded Australia’s best performing fund over the last 10 years by SuperRatings6

Plan for your next step

AustralianSuper can help you on your path to retirement, with a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy if you’re not quite ready to retire, or with an account-based pension if you’re ready to retire now. AustralianSuper’s account-based pension is called Choice Income.


Ready to retire now?

A Choice Income account can give you regular payments from your super while your savings stay invested. This could mean more investment returns through your retirement and could help boost how long your savings last.


Not quite ready for retirement?

If you’d like to continue working but reduce your working hours, a TTR income account may be a great way to use your super to top up your take home pay6. It may also help grow your super by reducing your tax obligations using salary sacrifice.


A history of strong long-term returns

AustralianSuper has had an average annual return on the Balanced Option of 9.65% since 1985, and of 9.48% over 5 years to 30 June 20197.

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