• Low Admin Fees1
  • Strong Long-term Returns2
  • Largest 3& Most Trusted4
  • Anywhere Help & Advice5

Make the most of your super

Making extra contributions6 to your super while you’re still working could help your balance grow further for your retirement. Make your super work as hard as you do with strong, long-term returns2 from Australia's largest3 and most trusted4 fund.

Stay invested with a top, long-term performer

A history of strong, long-term returns

AustralianSuper’s Balanced investment option has consistently delivered strong long-term performance for members, with an average annual return of 8.31% over the last 10 years to 31 March 2024 and 9.32% since inception2.


Investing globally for members

AustralianSuper manages over $315 billion in assets on behalf of 3.3 million members3. As one of the largest superannuation funds in the world7, we use our size, capability and global reach to help us access the best investment opportunities for the benefit of members.

Low admin fees

As Australia’s largest super fund, we use our size and scale to help keep admin fees low1. Super accounts are currently charged $1 per week plus 0.10% pa of your account balance (up to $350 pa).

Adding a little extra to a super fund with a history of strong, long-term performance2 could help you grow your super and achieve your best possible financial position in retirement.

Keep track of your super

It's easy to manage your AustralianSuper account.


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