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Sometimes the first step is knowing where to start

Life isn’t getting any slower. In fact, you’re not alone when it comes to where super is on the to-do list. 17% of people aged 30-49 said they didn’t know their super balance last year1.

But it’s good to know that setting yourself up for the future is easy. Get started with simple super actions like regularly checking in on your account to make sure you’re receiving contributions.

Benefits to knowing your super

Keeping tabs on your account means you can be confident your super is paid correctly, and know where your super stands for future planning. Meanwhile, updating your contact details keeps you in the know.

Put super on the to-do list

Here are a few actions that could help you make the most of your super.

Download the AustralianSuper app

Check your account anywhere, anytime. Plus, you’ll know when payments come in, how your balance is tracking, and more. 

Keep your details up to date

Make sure your contact details are current so that we can let you know of any changes to your account.

Track down lost super

If you’ve ever changed your name, address or job, chances are you could have super accounts you’ve lost track of. 

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