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You might know how much home values have grown, but after your home, super could be your biggest asset when you retire. Have you thought about how much super you’ll have at retirement?

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Australians retire 9 years earlier than they expect to.

On average, Australians retire 9 years earlier than expected. While 65.4 is the average age people plan to retire, 56.9 is the actual average age people retire1.

The importance of knowing what you are working towards

Whether it’s planning a holiday or making a home cooked meal, there’s no such thing as being over prepared. That’s why it’s a good idea to know how to start planning for your future now and reap the benefits when retirement comes.

AustralianSuper’s super projection calculator gives you a projection of how much super you could have at retirement based on the information you put in. It also estimates how long your super could last.

You can also see the impact of extra contributions to your super account, like salary sacrifice contributions, after-tax contributions and a one-off lump sum contribution2.

How to use the super projection calculator

The calculator will ask you for basic information like your age, before-tax salary, and your current super balance. You can also add in extra contributions to see the difference these could make to your balance at retirement.

Project your balance

See how much you could have for your retirement and how long it could last.

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