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When payday arrives, you’d probably check your bank account to see if your pay is there. Would you know if your super wasn’t being paid?

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There's about $3.6 billion in unpaid super.

In 2020-2021 there was an estimated net gap of 5.1% or $3.6 billion in unpaid super in Australia1.

Why it’s important to check your super contributions

When someone pays you money they owe, it’s normal to check your bank account to see if it’s there. In the same way, it’s a good idea to regularly check your super account to keep on top of your transactions such as payments and contributions.

Nearly 90% of AustralianSuper members aged 50 and over said they would know if their super wasn’t paid correctly.2

Checking your super account for employer payments and extra contributions helps you know how your super is tracking - and what to do next. Logging into your account online or via the mobile app is the best way to stay across your super transactions. To make managing your contributions easier, simply adjust your notification settings in the app to receive a notification whenever an employer contribution lands in your account.

Two ways to check you’ve been paid super correctly


Check your transactions

Log into your account and check if your super has been paid correctly. 

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