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We’re getting healthier, and that means retirement can last more than 25 years1. Have you considered how you will fund your retirement?

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1 in 2 AustralianSuper members plan to receive a Government Age Pension

Of those members aged over 50 and still working who plan to use the Government Age Pension to help fund their retirement - 29% plan to use a full pension and 21% a partial pension2.

It’s never too late to think about your life after work

No matter your circumstances, it’s important to know the various ways you can fund your retirement. 70% of working people aged over 50 say they have been thinking about how to fund their retirement3. Here are the three main options, depending on your needs:

Government Age Pension

An income support payment issued to help eligible retirees fund their basic living expenses for life after they finish working. Find out if you could be eligible.

Personal savings and assets

Any property, shares or personal savings you own can also make up part of your income in retirement alongside super.

Super and account-based pension

Account-based pensions are a retirement income option that allows you to draw a regular income stream from your super, whilst keeping the remaining savings invested. At AustralianSuper, you can choose to retire with our award-winning account-based pension - Choice Income4.

Calculate how much you could have for the future

When planning how you might fund your retirement, a great place to start is calculating what your super balance could look like. With our super projection calculator, you can find out how long your savings might last, and how adding extra could help5.

What could retirement look like?

Use the Super Projection Calculator to see how much super you could have for retirement.

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