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You’ve worked hard for your super. Make your super work for you, by turning it into a regular source of income.
You’ve worked hard for your super. Make your super work for you, by turning it into a regular source of income.

What's an account-based pension?

When you retire, you can receive a regular income from your super while keeping your super balance invested. It's easy with an account-based pension.

You use money from your super account to open an account-based pension like our Choice Income account, and you can set it up to suit your financial needs.

  • Flexible payments. Choose how much you want paid straight into your bank account and how often. You can also take out extra money from your Choice Income account anytime.
  • Control how you invest your balance or leave investment decisions to our experts, and you could earn returns throughout your retirement.
  • Save tax. You no longer pay tax on investment returns, and once you turn 60 you no longer pay tax on your income payments.  


How Choice Income works

Your Choice Income account starts when you transfer your super over, and your payment and investment options are set up.

Positive investment returns add to your balance; your income payments, fees and any negative returns reduce it.

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Choice Income: Helping you retire well

Your future in trusted hands

AustralianSuper is proud to have been awarded Australia’s most trusted super fund, 11 years running1.

Strong long-term returns

AustralianSuper’s Balanced investment option for Choice Income accounts has consistently delivered strong long-term performance for members2.

Investment choice

Choose from PreMixed options, DIY Mixed options and Member Direct options, depending on how hands-on you are (or not).

Choice Income is a proud winner of a Canstar Outstanding Value award for account based pension3


3AustralianSuper received the Canstar Outstanding Value Award for Account Based Pension in 2023. Awards and ratings are only one factor to be taken into account when choosing a super fund. For details view

Getting started with Choice Income

Choice Income Product Disclosure Statement - pdf, 2.9MB

For people retiring and needing to draw an income from their savings in a tax-effective environment

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