As Australia’s largest industry super fund, we’re able to offer members a range of insurance options. Eligible members will receive basic cover automatically when they join.
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Secure the future

From protecting your income to peace of mind for you and your family, we’ve got you covered when you need it most.

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Flexible and for you

Adjust your cover to suit your needs as life changes.

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Competitive cover

We work hard to provide the best possible cover and keep costs down for members. We use our size and scale to negotiate discounted bulk rates.

Provided by us, tailored by you

Most members will receive a basic level of insurance automatically when they join (eligibility conditions and age limits apply). It’s part of your membership with us.

You can also apply to increase, reduce or cancel your cover anytime to suit your needs. Plus, if you cancel, you can apply again later on – you’ll just need to give us some detailed health information to have our insurers reassess you.

AustralianSuper insurance is provided by TAL Life Limited (the Insurer) ABN 70 050 109 450 AFSL 237848.
AustralianSuper insurance for the Public Sector Division is provided by MetLife Insurance Limited ABN 75 004 274 882 AFSL 283 096 (‘MetLife’ or ‘Insurer’).

Income Protection cover

Income Protection cover can provide you with access to a monthly income if you become ill or injured and are temporarily unable to work.

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Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover

TPD cover can provide you with a lump sum payout to help out if you become totally and permanently disabled and can no longer work.

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Life insurance

Death cover provides your dependents with a lump sum payout if you pass away.

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How much cover you’ll need

When it comes to how much insurance cover you’ll need, you need to think about today and tomorrow. Our Insurance Calculator can help you figure out how much cover you need and what it will cost.

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  • What to consider

    1. The day-to-day expenses that your salary covers

      This includes things like your bills, food you buy and transport costs

    2. Your debts

      This includes things like your mortgage repayments, credit card debt and personal loans

    3. Your income needs

      How much income you and your family will need to live comfortably today and tomorrow

    4. Future costs for dependents

      This includes the future costs of your children’s care and education, or for anyone else you support financially

    5. Whether you need cover in the first place

      A type and amount of cover that doesn’t suit your situation can eat into your super savings

  • Your individual work rating

    Your individual work rating* is determined by the type of work you do. It can make a difference to how much you pay for your insurance and how much you get.

    There are three different individual work ratings: Standard, Low Risk and Professional. If we don’t know what work you do, your individual work rating will be Standard – this cover costs the most.

    If you spend at least 80% of your time in an office and don’t do any manual work, you may be eligible for a Low Risk or Professional individual work rating. This means you could pay less for your insurance costs, or get more cover.

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    * If you're a Public Sector Division member, your work rating is called an Income Protection work rating.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve processed over $2.2 billion across 40,000 claims to help our members and their families.

COMING SOON      $100 million savings in insurance costs

From late May we’re reducing the cost of insurance cover for members.

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How do I cancel my AustralianSuper insurance?

You can cancel your insurance cover through:

  1.  your online account*, or
  2.  complete and submit a Cancel your insurance form  

*This option is not available for Public Sector Division members.


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