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Share the love before tax

If you’re an AustralianSuper member, your partner can split their pre-tax super contributions with you. Up to 85 percent of these contributions can be paid into your super account instead of their super account once a year.

These might include contributions made by your partner’s employer, plus additional contributions your partner has agreed to through salary sacrificing.


Share the love after tax

Your partner can also make after-tax payments into your super account. If your income is less than $40,000, they can contribute up to $3,000 a year into your super and receive a spouse contribution tax offset. Your partner can contribute more than $3,000 but they won't receive the tax offset on anything above $3,000.

Your income must be $37,000 or less to receive the full tax offset of $540, but you might still be able to receive a partial tax offset if you earn up to $40,000.

Remember to consider your debt levels and financial commitments before making extra contributions to you or your loved one’s super.

How to get started

Contributing to each other’s super is as easy as logging into your account and heading to the Add to your super page.

Once there, simply select the 'Spouse Contribution' button and submit a completed form.

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