Making spouse contributions

Spouse contributions are contributions you make on behalf of your partner from your after-tax income. Depending on how much your partner earns, adding to your partner’s super can help secure a brighter retirement for your partner, and may save you on tax.

Potential benefits


You must be married or in a de facto relationship with your partner to make super contributions on their behalf. You must also both be Australian residents.

If you’re making after-tax contributions to your partner’s super, your partner needs to be under age 75, to be eligible to receive spouse contributions.

You can only make spouse contributions if we have your spouse’s tax file number and limits apply to how much you can contribute.

You should consider your debt levels before adding to your partner’s super.

You should consider you and your partner's financial circumstances, contribution caps, and tax issues before adding to your partner’s super. Salary sacrifice may affect some government benefits and employee benefits. Consider getting financial advice before deciding if spouse contribution arrangements are right for you and your partner.

Contributing before tax

You can also contribute to your partner’s super by splitting up to 85% of your before-tax super contributions. Before-tax contributions include employer contributions, salary sacrifice contributions you make and any after-tax contributions you make that you claim a tax deduction for.

Ready to add to your spouse’s super?

The easiest way to make after-tax contributions to your partner is through direct debit or BPAY. Click the button below to log into your account and set up direct debit or send your BPAY details to your partner.

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