Choosing A Super Fund

When you choose a super fund, it really does pay to look at AustralianSuper.

How to choose a super fund

Choosing a super fund is a big call. Making the right decision can have a significant impact on your future.  To help make the most of your retirement consider the benefit of being with a large, member-first fund, as well as the long-term returns and potential net benefits. 

Why you should join AustralianSuper:


Big benefits

With 2.2 million members, we’re Australia’s largest super fund. Our size and scale enables us to keep our fees low, offer affordable insurance cover, and manage more investments in-house – which has resulted in over $100 million in annual savings for members.


Members come first

We use our scale to benefit members, because we think they’re the fund’s greatest investment. As an industry super fund, we don’t pay dividends or profits to shareholders like retail funds, so members are the only ones who benefit.


Long term returns

Our size means we’re able to partner with large investors to buy significant assets like infrastructure and property. Together, we own more than $140 billion worth of local and global assets – and their returns contribute to members’ long-term retirement savings.


The great net benefit

You shouldn’t just focus on high performance when choosing a super fund. It’s the net benefit that really matters – your overall super position after both investment earnings and fees. When choosing a super fund make sure you compare the net benefit. You can see how we stack up by comparing us at the link below.

Compare AustralianSuper

Ready to choose a super fund? Find out how AustralianSuper compares.

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