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Why you should consider adding to your super

Adding a little extra to your super is one of the best ways to grow your savings and achieve the retirement lifestyle you want. And contrary to what you might have seen or been told, you don’t need to chip in thousands to make a difference. Little things like saving on coffees from your local café or bringing lunch in a few days a week can go a long way. Better still, the Government could match your contributions dollar for dollar to a maximum of $500 if you’re an eligible low income earner.

Of course, you should consider your debt levels, contribution caps that may apply and tax issues before adding to your super.

Infographic showing ways to spend less on everyday items and use the savings to make after-tax contributions to your super. Ways of spending less include unsubscribing from services you don’t use, taking the train to work, drinking percolated coffee instead of instant coffee and bringing your lunch to work.

The Government Co-contribution

If you have a yearly income of less than $54,837 (before tax), where you meet certain criteria, the Government will match 50 cents for every $1 that you add to your super from your after tax income – to a maximum of $500 each year. This co-contribution gets paid directly into your account after you’ve lodged your tax return for that year, if your super fund has your TFN.

If you want to make a contribution before the end of this financial year, it will need to be submitted by 23 June. This will ensure your contribution is received and allocated to your account prior to the end of the financial year.

For more information about government contributions, see the Add to your super with government co-contributionsfact sheet. 

Total income* Your contribution Co-contribution
$39,837 or less $1,000 $500
$45,837 $600 $300
$51,837 $200 $100
$54,837 or more  Any amount

*Assessable income, plus reportable employer super contributions, plus reportable fringe benefits for the 2020/21 financial year.

How to get started

You can easily make additional contributions to your super through your online account. Log in to access your BPAY details or set up a direct debit.

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You can also download and complete an After-tax contributions form (below) and send it back to us.

It's important to consider other debts you may have before making a decision to add to your super.

Add to your super with after-tax contributions - pdf, 93KB

Add to your super and retire with more - pdf, 325KB

Other ways to grow your super

Start salary sacrificing

If you can afford to take home a little less pay, you could consider “sacrificing” some of your salary and sending it to your super account.

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Add to your partner’s super

If you’re an AustralianSuper member, your partner can split their pre-tax super contributions with you and pay that into your super account.

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