Make after-tax contributions

Add a bit from your take-home pay today, for more when you hang up your boots.

Why you should consider adding to your super

There’s a good chance your employer’s contributions on their own won’t be enough for a comfortable retirement. Living costs are likely to be a lot higher by the time you retire as well.

To continue enjoying the lifestyle you had while working, you should think about adding to your super with your take-home pay. Doing this can be as simple as cutting back on a few little luxuries, and putting that into your super instead.

Plus, if you’re a low income earner, and eligible, the Government may add to your super for every dollar you add with their co-contribution. Just remember to consider your debt levels before adding to your super.

Minimise your costs, unsubscribe from any services you don't use, use public transport, switch to drinking percolated or instant coffee and bring work to lunch a couple of days a week.

The Government Co-contribution

If you have a yearly income of less than $51,813 (before tax), where you meet certain criteria, the Government will match 50 cents for every $1 that you add to your super from your after tax income – to a maximum of $500 each year. This co-contribution gets paid directly into your account after you’ve lodged your tax return for that year, if your super fund has your TFN.


Your total income* Your contribution Co-contribution
$36,813 $1,000 $500
$42,813 $600 $300
$48,813 $200 $100
$51,813 or more Any amount

* Assessable income, plus reportable employer super contributions, plus reportable fringe benefits for the 2016/17 financial year.

How to get started

You can easily make one-off payments, or set up regular payments through your online account. Simply log in, head to the ‘Make a contribution’ page and follow the instructions.

You can also download andcomplete an After-tax contributions form (below) and send it back to us.

It's important to consider other debts you may have before making a decision to add to your super.

Add to your super with after-tax contributions - pdf, 228KB

Add to your super and retire with more - PDF, 296KB

2017 Federal Budget

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