How to add more to your super

There are plenty of ways you can add to your super balance today to achieve the retirement lifestyle you want down the road.*

Setting up salary sacrifice super contributions

To contribute to your super via salary sacrifice, you’ll need to set up a deduction from your before-tax pay through your employer. We recommend you have a chat to your employer or payroll to make sure you’re able to make before-tax contributions from your pay into your super account.

Step 1

Ask your employer if they offer salary sacrifice, what your options are and any impacts it might have on your salary and benefits first.

Setting up a Direct Debit

If you want to contribute to your super from your after-tax pay, setting up a one off or regular direct debit is one of the easiest ways to make regular contributions to your super. Simply, nominate your preferred schedule and watch your super savings grow. You can set up a direct debit through your online account or by completing and returning the Add to your super with after-tax contributions form to us.

Setting up a BPAY payment

You can also set up one-off or regular payments via BPAY from your bank account. You can find your BPAY details in your online account or on your Annual member statement. Once you have your details, all you have to do is log into your banking app, or online account, and make your payment using your BPAY details.

Step 2

Schedule a one off or regular BPAY payment through your online bank account.

*Before adding to your super, consider your financial circumstances, contribution caps that may apply, and tax issues. Salary sacrifice may affect some Government benefits and employee benefits. Consider getting financial advice before deciding on a contribution arrangement that’s right for you.



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