Super and the Age Pension

Most Australians are eligible for the Government Age Pension. If you’re among them, you can use it to top up your super.

What is the Age Pension? 

The Age Pension is a regular fortnightly income that helps eligible older Australians pay for basic living expenses.

Before you can receive your first pension payment, you’ll need to meet eligibility requirements set out by the Government.

Am I eligible to receive it? 

Centrelink use the Asset test and the Income test to work out the pension payments you may receive. The tests are compared, and the one that results in the smaller pension payment is applied.

Read our fact sheet to find out more about eligibility.

Top up your Age Pension payments with your super

You don’t have to spend all of your super before you can access the Government Age Pension. When you transfer your super to an account-based pension, like our Choice Income account, you can draw payments alongside any Age Pension payments that you may be eligible for.

Discover Choice Income

Find out how you can turn your super into a regular income alongside your Age Pension payments with out award winning account-based pension, Choice income.

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