Environmental, Social and Governance


We believe companies with good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management provide better long-term returns.


We believe companies with good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management provide better long-term returns.

Modern Slavery Statement

This statement details our approach to managing Modern Slavery risks within our organisation, investments and their supply chains. 

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Our ESG and Stewardship program

We believe companies with good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management provide better long-term returns.

AustralianSuper considers a range of ESG issues but prioritises those which we believe are likely to have the greatest financial impact on members’ investment returns. This can include risks, which can have a negative impact, and opportunities, which can have a positive impact.

Issues we may prioritise include:

Environmental Social Governance
  • Climate change
  • Circular economy
  • Workforce
  • Diversity
  • First Nations/cultural heritage
  • Sustainable digitalisation
  • Board effectiveness
  • Remuneration

Our approach is more developed on some issues than others and may vary depending on the asset. For more information on these issues, please see the Responsible Investment section of our Annual Report.

Our ESG and Stewardship program varies by asset class and doesn’t apply to all asset classes.

Our ESG and Stewardship program has three pillars:

ESG and stewardship policies

ESG and Stewardship policy

Download our policy to find out more about our approach to ESG and stewardship.

ESG and stewardship policy (PDF) ESG and stewardship policy (PDF)

Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code

AustralianSuper is a signatory to the Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code (the Code).

Download our Stewardship Statement to see how we seek long-term value creation through our stewardship activities.

AustralianSuper’s stewardship statement (PDF) AustralianSuper’s stewardship statement (PDF)


Share Voting approach

This document outlines our approach to voting on Australian and international companies.


Collaborating to amplify our voice

Working with other investors and industry groups gives us better insights and more influence on ESG issues.

Reporting our progress

We participate in industry reporting projects to monitor the success of our ESG and Stewardship program.

PRI 2021 Assessment

AustralianSuper achieved above or at median ratings for 14 out of the 15 assessment modules in PRI’s 2021 pilot assessment report3. This includes five stars (the highest possible rating) for its Investment and Stewardship policy, direct listed equity integration approach and direct property and private debt approach.

AustralianSuper’s full PRI results are available in our PRI Assessment and Transparency Reports available here:

AustralianSuper PRI Assessment Report 2021 - pdf, 715KB

AustralianSuper PRI Responsible Investment Transparency Report 2021 - pdf, 21.5MB


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  3. PRI 2021 Pilot Assessment report. PRI introduced a revised pilot Reporting Framework in its 2021 assessments with a different module grading system which shifted from alphabetical (A+ to E) in previous years to numerical (1 to 5 stars) ratings. The PRI Assessment report presents information reported directly by signatories in the 2021 reporting cycle. This information has not been audited by the PRI or any other party acting on its behalf.

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