Environmental, social and governance

We believe investing in companies with good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management provides better long-term returns for members.

ESG Management is an integral part of our Active Owner Program

Our Active Owner Program is embedded across our investment decision-making framework at three levels: 

ESG and stewardship policies

Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code

AustralianSuper is a signatory to the Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code (the Code). Download our Stewardship Statement to see how we promote long-term value creation in the listed equities we invest in through our stewardship activities. 

AustralianSuper’s stewardship statement – pdf

ESG and stewardship policy

Download our policy to find out more about our approach to ESG and stewardship

ESG and stewardship policy – pdf


Collaborating for bigger impact

Working with industry investors and groups gives us better insights and more influence on shared ESG issues.

Reporting our progress

We participate in global industry reporting projects to monitor the success of our Active Owner Program.

PRI Global Assessment Report

The PRI assesses each signatory annually. In the 2017 PRI Global Assessment Report, AustralianSuper achieved the highest possible rating of A+ for Overarching Approach to Responsible Investment.

AODP Climate Change Pension Fund Index

We participate annually in the Asset Owners Disclosure Project. This global survey considers how well asset owners manage the issue of climate change across their portfolios and each funds’ disclosure regarding climate change management. AustralianSuper ranked 18 out of the 100 largest global pension funds in the 2018 index.  

Responsible Investment Association Australasia

We’re one of 12 super funds to receive a Comprehensive Responsible Investment Rating. This is the highest possible rating from the Responsible Investment Association Australasia in their 2018 Benchmark Report.


Active Owner Program in practice

ESG issues are important as they can impact the future value and investment performance of assets, which is important for our members.

There are many important ESG issues facing asset owners today. Here’s an overview of some of the biggest issues we’re managing through our Active Owner Program.

We’re working hard for your future.

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