What is superannuation?

Superannuation (or ‘super’) is money set aside while you’re working to support your financial needs in retirement. Your super is invested in a range of assets to help grow your balance so you can have the best possible retirement outcome.

What is superannuation?

Superannuation (or ‘super’) is money set aside while you’re working, so you’ll have money to live off when you retire. Your employer, or you if you’re self employed, direct a percentage of your salary to your nominated super account. This money is invested by your super fund and earns returns, which will help grow your retirement savings.

What is superannuation?


How Superannuation Works

  1. Generally from the moment you start working and earn above $450, you’ll be putting money aside for your super with a fund like AustralianSuper.

  2. Your savings grow because your employer pays a compulsory sum of money into your super account. This sum, called the Superannuation Guarantee, is 9.5% of your before tax income.

  3. You can add more money to your super by choosing the option that works best for you like before or after tax contributions.

  4. When you join AustralianSuper, you’ll automatically be invested in the Balanced option, unless you choose another investment option.

  5. Your super account can also come with different types of insurance cover that you can access if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. Cover includes Total & Permanent Disablement Income Protection and Death.

  6. As you get closer to retirement, you can transition from your super account into a Choice Income account to pay yourself a regular income in retirement.

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