Changing your investments

Life’s full of changes, so sometimes you may also want to change how your super’s invested.

How you can change your investments

You can change your investment options easily – all through your online account.

Your switch will be effective from the next business day, even if it doesn’t immediately show up in your online account or mobile app. It’ll take an additional business day if your switch request was received after 4pm. It usually takes two full business days for investment switches to show online and in the mobile app. Find out more.


Here are the types of investment changes you can make: 

  1. Current account balance

    Change how money in your account right now is invested

  2. Future super payments

    Change how future payments are invested, including employer contributions, personal contributions and roll-ins

  3. Choice Income and TTR Income

    You can choose how your assets are invested and where your income account payments are made from.

  4. Member Direct

    You can choose your investments from shares, exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) and term deposits.

Important information about changing your investment

How often you can change

Aside from how and when you can change your investments, there’s a few things to keep in mind when it comes to changing up your investment portfolio.

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