Our TTR Income account

Open a TTR Income account while you’re still working to start saving more or working less.

How does TTR Income account work?

Your TTR Income account and super account will work together while you’re still working, to help you transition to retirement, by topping up your salary using income payments from your super.

Initially, you’ll use money from your super account to open your TTR Income account. Your income payments are then transferred directly to your bank account, and since you’re still working, employer contributions mean your super account balance continues to grow.  

You only need $25,000* to open a TTR Income account and you can use it to:

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Work less

  • reduce your work hours.
  • use your account to top up your reduced take-home pay.

Save more

  • pay some of your salary into super.
  • replace your salary with payments from your TTR Income account.
*To start a transition to retirement strategy you need to move at least $25,000 to your new TTR Income account and must leave a minimum balance in your super account. Learn more.

Contribution caps and other criteria may apply.

How can TTR benefit you?

See how you can use a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy to access your super as an income before you finish working.

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Consider your advice options

TTR can be complex and isn’t suited to everyone. It’s a good idea to get advice to see if a TTR Income account is right for you. Advice options are available to AustralianSuper members.

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TTR Income is available while you’re still working. If you have already retired, or very close to retiring then our award-winning account based pension—Choice Income may be better suited to you.   

Ready to set up a TTR Income account?

It’s a simple sign-up process to kick start regular income payments.

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Things to know about TTR Income

Please refer to Important things to know about TTR Income for the finer details about TTR Income account

TTR Income Product Disclosure Statement - pdf, 2.5MB

For all the finer details about TTR Income account and things you need to know.

+Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

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