Our TTR Income account

Ready to start a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy? Open a TTR Income account while you’re still working and start saving more or working less*.

With a TTR Income account, you could:

  • grow your super faster
  • receive a regular income from your super, alongside your salary
  • access the rest of your money when you retire
  • cut down your working hours, but keep the same take home pay.

Are you thinking about starting a TTR strategy, but you’re not quite ready? Want to know more about how you can use your super before you finish working to save more or work less?

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How does TTR Income account work?

Your TTR Income account and super account will work together and may reduce the overall tax you pay. Since you’re still working, employer payments mean your super account balance continues to grow. At the same time you’ll receive income payments, transferred directly to your bank account.

Initially, you’ll use money from your super account to open your TTR Income account. Once your TTR Income account is set up, your two accounts will work together and help you transition to retirement.

Your advice options

TTR can be complex and isn’t suited to everyone. It’s a good idea to get advice to see if a TTR Income account is right for you. Advice options are available to AustralianSuper members.

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Why TTR Income?

The money in your TTR Income account stays invested and continues to earn ongoing returns – just like your super.

You can have peace of mind knowing that AustralianSuper has a history of strong long-term returns+.

We have investment options to suit everyone’s retirement goals. You can leave your investment choice to us by choosing our Smart Default option, or, if you’re a savvy investor, choose your own.

Set up a TTR Income account

It’s a simple sign-up process to kick start regular income payments.

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Changes from July 1, 2017 

Some of the tax benefits of a transition to retirement strategy changed from July 1, 2017. If you're already using a transition to retirement strategy (TTR), you can find out more about what these changes might mean for you. 

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TTR Income Product Disclosure Statement - pdf, 2.3MB

For all the finer details about TTR Income account and things you need to know.

*A TTR strategy can be complex and isn’t suited to everyone. You should get advice to see if a TTR Income account is right for you.

+Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

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