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Retirement may still be on your horizon, or it could be just around the corner. When thinking about your retirement plan, how prepared do you feel?

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Two in five retirees retired earlier than planned

40% of retirees left the workforce earlier than they planned to. And 15% were forced to retire early1.

The many elements of retirement

There are many pieces to the retirement puzzle. Each one is important as you plan for your future. 

  1. Super & Investments

    When you stop working, your super is likely to be one of the main ways to fund your retirement. Knowing how your super is invested and the actions you can take helps you achieve the retirement you want.

  2. Planning for Retirement

    It’s never too early or too late to think about your life after you finish working. Making a plan can help you achieve the retirement you want.

  3. Moving into Retirement

    You’ve spent your life building your savings, so you can enjoy life when you stop working. But it’s a good idea to think about how you might adjust to your new lifestyle.

  4. Income in Retirement

    When you’re getting ready for life after work, you can keep your super working for you. But knowing the income options available to you can help boost your confidence and make the most of your future.

  5. Lifestyle & Wellbeing

    There are a range of things to consider when planning for the next phase of your life - including maintaining health, social connections and setting goals.

Explore the Elements of Retirement

Get started by knowing all the ins and outs of retirement planning so you can retire with confidence.

Explore the Elements

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