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Which do you think will be the greatest contributor to feeling confident in retirement?

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2 in 3 Australians feel confident for retirement

The 2022 Retirement Confidence Index study found the average retirement confidence score of 66 out of 100 - the highest since the study began in 20171.

Retirement confidence isn’t just about money

Your financial position is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to retirement. There are four factors that could determine how confident you might feel about the future.

  1. Financial awareness and skills

    Having an understanding of your finances means you’re better placed to make informed decisions.

  2. Health and wellbeing

    One in two Australians retire earlier than expected, often due to health concerns2. Keeping an eye on your health with regular check-ups can help you to feel more in control.

  3. Social factors

    Maintaining a close social circle of friends, family or peers can help you to feel like you have a level of support around you. Our research shows that AustralianSuper members feel more socially connected than ever before, scoring 70.5 out of 100 in the Retirement Confidence Index in 20221.

  4. Retirement awareness and planning

    Learning the impact your actions might have on the future can help you understand what to do next - so you can plan more strategically.

See how confident you are about the future

Take the Retirement Confidence Index survey

Take the Retirement Confidence Index survey

Complete the survey by answering a few easy questions like your age, relationship status, retirement status, and main source of income during retirement.

Get your confidence score

Get your confidence score

See where your confidence sits on the scale compared to the average Australian aged 50 and over. If you’re looking to boost your score, you can explore some ways to help better prepare you for the next stage of your life.

Take the Retirement Confidence Index survey now

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