Your 2024 Super Snapshot summary

Your 2024 Super Snapshot summary has found

You’re on the right track, now what next?

The small steps you take now can help you prepare for the future, like regularly checking in on your super account and starting to consider your retirement goals. If you’re already doing this, well done.

And that’s just the start. There are more things to know and do to make the most of your AustralianSuper account. Remember, this doesn’t take your personal situation into account so consider what’s right for you.

Why keeping tabs on your super matters

Staying on top of super can make a big difference - like knowing your advice options so you can plan with confidence or knowing about government incentives and tax savings, so you may have more money available to invest in your super.

Take action with your super

Here’s some more super steps you could take to help get ready for the future.

Consider adding extra to super

If it’s right for your personal situation, adding a little extra to super could help you save on tax and boost your super savings too1.

Explore the Elements of Retirement

Build your knowledge on getting ready for retirement - from finance to lifestyle - with our interactive Elements of Retirement guide.

Decide where your super goes

There’s a chance your super savings could outlive you, so it’s important to decide where you want your money to go.

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