Your Super Snapshot is complete

You’re on the right track, now what next?

The small steps you take now can help you prepare for the future, like regularly checking in on your super account and starting to consider your retirement goals. If you’re already doing this, well done.

And that’s just the start. Here’s some other things you can do to get ready for retirement. Remember, this doesn’t take your personal situation into account so consider what’s right for you.

Super actions can have a big impact

  1. Expertise that can make a difference

    Making the most of the help and advice options available can help you make more informed decisions about your future.

  2. Knowing where your super stands

    There's an estimated $5 billion in unpaid super annually1. Checking your transactions regularly gives you confidence your super is being paid correctly.

  3. Get the most out of your super savings

    Understanding what government incentives and tax savings you might be eligible for could mean more money to invest in your super.

Super actions to consider

Consider adding extra to super

If it’s right for your personal situation, adding a little extra to super could help you save on tax and boost your super savings too2.

Decide where your super goes

There’s a chance your super savings could outlive you, so it’s important to decide where you want your money to go.

Access tools & advice

Discover the range of help and advice options available to you, from education and tools to speaking to a financial adviser.

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