Your 2024 Super Snapshot summary

Your 2024 Super Snapshot summary has found

Every step you take with super counts

With more time to do the things you enjoy, it’s still important to focus on your super savings in retirement. In fact, you’re not alone when it comes to where super is on the to-do list. Just 41% of retired AustralianSuper members logged in and checked their payments last year1.

Take a look at why knowing what’s happening with your super can help you feel in control of your retirement.

Benefits to knowing your super

Staying across your account helps you manage your money for retirement. Plus, knowing your general or personal advice options2 can help you can help you feel confident about your retirement plans.

Take control of your retirement

Here’s some super steps you can take to feel better prepared for the future.

Supercharge your income in retirement

Concerned about cost of living? In this webinar we talk about how you could boost your retirement income.

Check your account

Logging into your account or via the AustralianSuper app regularly is an easy way to check your payments, transactions and make sure your account is up to date.

Explore Elements of Retirement

Learn the ins and outs of retirement with our interactive guide and build your knowledge, so you can retire with confidence. 

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Know how your super stacked up. Plus you can check your situation and know which actions to take next to keep making the most of your super.

Take control of your super

With our award-winning account-based pension Choice Income3, you can make the most of your super with Australia’s largest4, most trusted super fund5.

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