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Over 60% of Australians say their main source of news is the internet1. What’s your main source of information about super and retirement planning?

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The average financial literacy score is 64 out of 100

Our Retirement Confidence study with Monash University shows the average financial literacy score in Australia is 64. When broken down by gender, the study found that women were less confident than men in matters of finance - scoring 57 out of 100, versus 72 out of 1002.

There’s power in knowledge

Super is your money for your retirement – and you’ve worked hard for it. Building financial literacy in the factors that impact your super can empower you to make informed decisions about your savings – and how you manage it in retirement.

Our research shows retired AustralianSuper members are most interested in learning about investment returns, account fees, and any changes to the laws around super that could affect them3.

Making the most of the help, guidance and education available to you means you can feel more confident in your decisions surrounding these topics and beyond. Here’s a few of our top resources:

Articles and guides

Explore our articles and guides on a range of topics, including investing in retirement, funding retirement and more. Check out our guides on Choice Income and Planning your retirement, as well as our retirement articles.

Webinars and education videos

Browse our selection of online webinars and educational videos to build your knowledge. Choose from a range of topics, including investment updates, retirement income options, and more.

Simple personal advice

If you’re an AustralianSuper member, you can talk to an advice team member over the phone about your account, including investment choice, insurance or adding extra to super.

Watch a webinar

Build your super knowledge with our free online webinars and on-demand educational videos.

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