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Think about when someone pays you back some money they owe, it’s pretty normal to check your account to see if it’s there. When’s the last time you checked you got paid super?

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Unpaid super impacts 1 in 4 Australians

There’s roughly $5 billion a year in unpaid super - affecting one in four Australians. Unpaid super cost those affected an average of $1,700 a year1.

Why it’s important to check your super account

It’s a good idea to regularly check your super account to make sure your super is being paid and you're getting the correct amount.

Super moments like starting a new job, moving house or making extra payments into your account are a great time to check your account. It’s a good idea to set a regular time to check in on your super account at least once a year.

Checking your super transactions

Log in to your AustralianSuper account

Log in to your AustralianSuper account

You can log in to your account online or via the AustralianSuper mobile app. If you haven’t registered for online access to your account, it’s easy to set up.

See your super transactions

See your super transactions

On the app, select Transactions from the bottom navigation to see your transaction history. If you’re logged in online, select Transactions from the top menu bar.

Check your super account today

See how much you have in your super account.

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