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Your super fund invests your money on your behalf. But did you know you have a choice when it comes to how your super is invested?

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Over 90% invested with the Balanced option

The majority of AustralianSuper members have their super invested in the Balanced option, the default investment option.

Learn about the different investment options

Choosing how your super is invested is important. It can affect how much your super balance grows and how long it lasts. You can decide to either leave your investment choice to us or make your own choice.

Find out about the different investment options

You can also use the Super Projection calculator to find out how much you could have for retirement. See how long your super could last and how you could start making a big difference to your future balance now.

Calculate how much you could have for the future

Fill in the empty fields

Fill in the empty fields

To get started with the Super Projection calculator, it will ask you for a few things like your age, before-tax salary, and your current super balance. You can also add in extra contributions to see the difference these could make to your balance at retirement.

Project your future balance

Project your future balance

The calculator will give you a projection of how much super you could have at retirement based on the information you put in as well as estimate how long your super could last.

You can also see the impact of extra contributions to your super account, like regular salary sacrifice contributions, after-tax contributions and a one-off lump sum contribution.

Project your balance

See how much you could have for your retirement and how long it could last.

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