Super fees & costs

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Super fees explained simply

As Australia's largest super fund2, we use our size and scale to help keep admin fees low so more of your super can be invested to grow1.

The two main types of fees are for administration and investment. If you don’t have any insurance cover with us, or don’t receive any paid advice, you won’t pay those fees.

The different types of super fees 

Helping deliver a better future for members is all about putting them first and helping grow their super for the future. One way AustralianSuper does this is by using our size and scale to keep our admin fees low. This means our admin fees are 27% lower on average1 - so more of your super can be invested to grow.

How we keep fees low

At AustralianSuper, our goal is to help you grow your super by delivering strong long-term investment performance4. AustralianSuper is a profit-for-member fund, this means profit we make is for members not shareholders.


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