Building a bright future for your employees

For the benefit of your business and employees

As Australia’s largest, most trusted1 super fund, we manage over $315 billion in member assets2. By being a leading investor in the Australian economy, we help secure a better future for members. We invest billions every year in major infrastructure projects and Australia’s top companies like no other fund.

Choosing the right super fund for your business

Our size is your advantage

AustralianSuper is the country’s largest super fund and Australia's only fund in the global top 20 largest pension funds3. Our size means your employees get access to investments that may not be available to smaller funds.

Trusted and recognised

We’re Australia’s most trusted fund 11 years running1, and proud winners of the Canstar Outstanding Value Award for Superannuation4.


Help and advice when you need it

Working with businesses of all sizes, we’re here to help you meet your super obligations. Get access to guidance whenever you need it and feel confident in how your business manages super.

Comparing super fund performance

Our Balanced investment options for super and Choice Income have delivered strong, long-term performance. That’s just one reason why 1,400 people join the fund every day5. Compare our average annual investment returns over the 10 years to 31 December 20236.

Balanced option
Retail(Master Trust)
median Balanced
Super 7.94% 6.81% 6.29%

See how our fees compare

Super funds charge fees to cover the cost of managing members’ super and investments. As Australia’s largest fund, we use our size and scale to help set low fees for members7. Lower fees mean more of your employees’ super stays invested where it could continue to grow for their future. See how AustralianSuper’s admin and investment fees compare with other funds8.

$10,000 $25,000 $50,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000
AustralianSuper $118 $217 $382 $712 $1,702 $3,202
Average super funds $143 $264 $465 $869 $2,074 $4,029
Average retail funds $164 $302 $534 $997 $2,347 $4,550

Choose proven performance

Give your employees the benefits of an award-winning fund4.


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