Mothers Day Classic Event 2024

AustralianSuper is a long-term partner of the Mother's Day Classic, and we're excited to continue our partnership for the 12th consecutive year in 2024. We noticed an increase in insurance claims related to breast cancer, so are proud to support a foundation that’s raised millions to fund life-saving breast cancer research, helping those affected and the Australian community. 

By getting active with your super today, you could make a big difference to your financial future later on.

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Small steps to a brighter future

On average, women aged between 60 to 64 have a super balance of $261,000 compared to men who have $388,700. This means women have around 23% less super than men1.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are little things you can do now which can make a big difference to your financial future. Take these 5 steps to help take control of your super:

1. Compare and choose

1. Compare and choose 

Comparing funds can be a great place to start when choosing the right super fund for you, looking at things like long-term investment performance, fees and insurance options.

Compare super funds

2. Consider consolidating

2. Consider consolidating

More than one super account can mean doubling up on fees, which can reduce your overall super balance, so you may want to consider consolidating multiple accounts2.

Consolidate your super

3. Contribute a bit more if you can

3. Contribute a bit more if you can

In addition to employer contributions, super can also grow through any extra contributions you add to it during your working life3.

Grow your super

4. Check your insurance

4. Check your insurance

Paying for insurance cover out of your super may mean you'll have less for retirement, but having cover can provide peace of mind, so consider if it’s right for you.

Review insurance

5. Manage your super on the go

5. Manage your super on the go

Managing your super on the go has never been easier with the AustralianSuper mobile app. You can be in charge of your super anywhere, anytime.

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A super history

Did you know super has long played a role in the Mother’s Day Classic?

Since the Mother’s Day Classic was founded in 1998, superannuation funds had increasingly noticed that breast cancer was one of the common reasons for accessing death and disability benefits.

This presented an opportunity for AustralianSuper to be part of the journey and collaborate for an inspiring event to help raise funds and awareness, so that we can all see out a life that involves an enjoyable healthy and happy retirement. To learn more about the role super plays in the Mothers Day Classic visit

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