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Finding $20 in your pocket is always great but imagine finding thousands in super that you had lost track of. Have you checked to see if you have more than one super account?

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$10.4 billion in lost super

A total of $10.4 billion was reported in lost super last year. That’s $507 for each adult that lives in Australia1.

Track down your lost super

Lost super is more common than you might think. If you’ve ever changed your name, moved house or changed jobs, then you could have super accounts that you’ve lost track of. This means your lost super is either with the ATO or still with your other super fund. The good news is it’s easy to find out if you have any lost or unclaimed super with myGov or with AustralianSuper.

Once you locate any lost super you might have, you can choose to combine it into one account2. Putting all your super in one place could help you save on account fees as well as making your super easier to manage too.

How to locate all your super

Check if you have any lost super

Check if you have any lost super

To search if you have lost super with other super funds or the ATO, you can begin by logging in to your AustralianSuper account. Make sure you have two forms of ID ready, as well as your TFN.

Consider consolidating

Consider consolidating

If you have multiple accounts, combining them could make your super easier to manage. It could also mean fewer fees so you can put more into your super account to grow for the future2.

Keep track of your super

Keep track of your super

Reviewing your super transactions regularly can help you to stay in the know. It’s a good idea to check your super is being paid correctly by your employer.

Search for lost super

Track down any lost super you might have.

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