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When preparing for retirement, did you work out how much super you would need to achieve your retirement goals?

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1 in 3 members use super combined with pension payments

37% of retired AustralianSuper members are using a full or part Government Age Pension to supplement their super pension payments through their Choice Income account1.

Funding your retirement

For many people, retirement can last upwards of 25 years. Understanding the income options available to you can be a great way to boost your confidence and help you understand how long your savings could last.

There are different ways to fund your retirement, including super options that keep your savings invested and give your money the chance to grow in the future. Here are the 3 main sources of retirement income:

Government Age Pension

The Government Age Pension is an income support payment to help eligible retirees fund their living expenses. For many, this option works alongside super savings to fund retirement. Find out if you could be eligible.

Personal savings and assets

Any property, shares or personal savings you own can also make up part of your income in retirement alongside super.

Super and account-based pension

Account-based pensions are a retirement income option that allows you to draw a regular income stream from your super, whilst keeping the remaining savings invested. At AustralianSuper, you can choose to retire with our award-winning account-based pension: Choice Income2.

Choice Income offers the flexibility to choose how much you want to be paid and how often – along with the freedom to take out extra money from your account at any time.

Stay invested with Choice Income

Learn about how an account-based pension can help you keep your super invested and turn it into a regular income.

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