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Imagine you’ve received some extra cash - maybe from a tax return or a work bonus. Would you consider the benefits of contributing some of that money to your super?

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6 in 10 people say they would add extra to super

63% of 18-29 year old members say they would add to super if they got a cash windfall1.

The difference adding a little extra could make

While retirement feels like it's really far away, even small voluntary contributions today can make a big difference in the future with the power of compounding returns. If it suits your personal situation, adding a little bit extra to your super could have a big impact on your balance for retirement2. Did you know there are two different ways you can contribute?

Two ways to add to super

Before-tax contributions

Before-tax contributions come out of your pay before it’s taxed. Your employer pays this into your super account on top of compulsory super contributions.

After-tax contributions

After-tax contributions are extra payments you can make from the money you’ve already paid tax on, like your take-home salary. You could also qualify for super co-contributions, depending on certain eligibility criteria such as your annual income.

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If it suits you, set up salary sacrifice with your employer, or login to the portal to make after-tax contributions.

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