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Around 4 million Australians have more than one super account5. If you’ve ever changed your name, your address or your job, you might have an AustralianSuper account you've forgotten about – or didn't know you had. Here’s why consolidating all of your super savings into one account could be your best move6.

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Why consolidate with AustralianSuper?

With 3 million members7 and a history of strong, long-term performance2, we’re Australia’s largest, most trusted super fund3. We don’t pay dividends or profits to shareholders, so the money we make goes back into the fund for the benefit of members like you.

How your fund performs over the long-term will make a big difference to your retirement. At AustralianSuper, we focus on what that performance means for the net benefit of your super. That is, what your overall financial position could be after taking away admin and investment fees – it’s one of the best ways to see how funds stack up.


See how AustralianSuper compares

Net benefit to 31 December 2022. Net benefit refers to investment earnings less administration, investment fees and costs, transaction costs and taxes. Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

The comparison shows what a member would have for 15 years to 31 December 2022, in addition to a $50,000 starting balance and employer contributions, assuming they started with a $50,000 annual salary8.

How to compare super funds

Compare super funds using the free Super AppleCheck comparison tool from independent super research firm Chant West. You can see how our investments, fees, insurance and member services weigh up against other funds on an ‘apples-to-apples’ basis.

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Consolidating super

Having more than one super account isn't just complicated, it can cost more. Paying more than one set of fees can chip away at your balance. Search for any lost super and consider consolidating your accounts6 to save on fees.


Don’t know your member number?

We can help you find it. Click the link below and provide a few simple details. If your details match our records, we’ll send you your member number. Then you can log into your account and get your super savings in the one place.


Tell your employer you’re with AustralianSuper

After you consolidate your accounts, don’t forget to tell your employer your super’s with AustralianSuper. You can do this using the Pay my super into AustralianSuper form or through the AustralianSuper app

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