Super stapling and your business

Introduced as part of the recent Your Future, Your Super federal government measures, super stapling applies from 1 November 2021 with employers required to play a key part.

What is super stapling?

The introduction of super stapling means working Australians will be attached to one super fund for life unless they choose otherwise. The measure aims to reduce the number of super accounts people may acquire throughout their working life.

The introduction of super stapling makes it even more important for employees to actively choose a super fund best suited to their circumstances and needs. Making informed choices about super reduces the potential to be ‘stapled’ to a fund that may not lead to the best retirement outcome.

How does super stapling impact employers?

As an employer, you’ll play a key role in super stapling with changes in how you onboard new employees and pay super, unless a state or industrial award prescribes where super must be paid. These changes don’t affect your obligation to nominate a default super fund to pay your employee’s super into if they don’t choose a fund, or have a stapled fund.

A checklist for onboarding new starters

  1. Offer new starters an ATO Superannuation standard choice form as the first step in your onboarding process and encourage them to consider which fund may be right for them. If your employee makes a super choice, have them submit it to your HR/payroll team.
  2. If your new starter doesn’t choose a super fund when they start employment, you’ll need to check whether they have a ‘stapled’ fund with the ATO. To identify the super fund your new starter is ‘stapled’ to, refer to the ATO's Request stapled super fund webpage for details.
  3. If they have a stapled fund, pay their super into it. If they don’t, pay super into your business’s default fund or the fund named in the employee’s EBA.
  4. These changes don’t affect your obligation as an employer to nominate a default super fund to pay your employee’s super into if they have not chosen a fund, and don't have a stapled fund.

How stapling changes your onboarding process

The infographic below allows you to compare processes pre and post 1 November 2021 when super stapling commences and provides more detail on where to pay your employee’s super in different circumstances.

Frequently asked questions^

^ This content is informed by the Australian Taxation Office “Your Future, Your Super - Request stapled super fund service” publication, current at 7 July 2021 and subject to change.

What’s next

We’ll keep you updated on super stapling and how it works as the final details emerge through our online and news channels.

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