Further business portal improvements

8 May 2024

We understand that our business portal helps play an important role in managing your employees super. We’ve listened to your feedback and made some further improvements.

We’re excited to introduce new termination features that makes it easier for you to notify us of an employee’s termination, which could be due to resignation, redundancy, retirement or if they pass away.

Keeping details up to date

Keeping us updated with employee changes is important as it helps to manage your super requirements more accurately.

If an employee is ending their employment, you can easily change their employment status in the business portal using the new termination feature.

This ensures your company records will remain current, and that you also receive timely and accurate reminders from us about meeting your superannuation guarantee (SG) payments.

Quick and simple

You can terminate an employee through the business portal in 3 simple steps:
  1. Search for the employee in the portal.
  2. Select their reason for leaving.
  3. Update their last day of employment.

Once you’ve submitted a termination, you can still update your employee’s record up to one day before their last day of employment. Once this date passes the employee will be removed from your business profile.

Registering is easy

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