ABN, SPIN, SFN, USI details for your employer

Share fund details with your employer so they can start paying into your AustralianSuper account.

Need to know numbers




65 714 394 898


2683 519 45

Super USI



GPO Box 1901
VIC 3001

Member number


  • Add the details above, plus your member number, to complete any online HR process your employer uses to store your super fund and account details OR

  • Login to the mobile app. Select ‘Send details to my employer’ from the 'More' menu

Track employer super contributions paid to your account

Get an alert every time a super payment is paid into your account using the AustralianSuper mobile app.

  • Download the app and login with username and password. (Setup a pin or fingerprint access for next time)
  • Select ‘manage preferences’ from the ‘more’ menu and switch notifications to ‘on’

This will trigger an alert that includes the date and amount of any super payment. Check the account transaction history in the app or by logging into your account to see who made the payment.

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Starting paid employment for the first time

When you start working in your first job, you can choose your own super fund and share account details with your employer so they can start paying your super payments.

If you don’t make a choice your employer must open a ‘default super fund’ account on your behalf.

It’s a good idea to make your own super fund choice after assessing whether a fund’s performance history and fees suit your needs.

Compare AustralianSuper

Superannuation entitlements

From 1 July 2023, eligible employees are entitled to receive 11% super payments. Use the ATO’s tool to check your super eligibility.

Since 1 July 2022, eligible employees who earn less than $450 per month are required to be paid the super guarantee by their employer if they satisfy the other eligibility requirements.

Employer payment frequency

Seeing a weekly or monthly super payment amount on your payslip doesn’t always mean your employer makes weekly or monthly payments into your account each month. Employers are only legally required to make a payment into your super account every 3 months.

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1. Salary sacrifice may affect some government benefits and employee benefits. Consider getting financial advice before deciding if a salary sacrifice arrangement is right for you.
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