Superannuation for the self-employed

Making the call to work for yourself means being responsible for paying your own super. It also means being responsible for paying super to any employees you take on. When you’re growing a small business, making your super work as hard as you do is crucial in setting you up for success.

Super for business owners

When you’re starting and growing a small business, contributing to your own super may be at the back of your mind. Superannuation can slip behind a host of other priorities. Super is supposed to be all about retirement, right?

But adding a little to your super now can make a big difference down the line thanks to the power of compound interest, and because super can be a tax-friendly form of saving.

Being aware of your eligibility for benefits and your responsibilities can help ensure you (and anyone else you employ) are taken care of when retirement comes. Here are a few tips to get your super sorted when you’re running the show.

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