The moments that count

There are moments in life that can change the course of your financial future and help set you up to achieve confidence in retirement. These are the moments that count.

Shane Hancock, Head of Member Products, Guidance and Advice, speaks to members and super experts from around Australia for The moments that count podcast.

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Episode 15: The investment decisions behind super
Have you ever wondered how investment decisions are made? In this episode host Shane Hancock chats to Head of Portfolio Construction Justine O’Connell. They discuss the process of investing members’ money, different types of assets, the impact of scale and active management as well as the importance of taking a long-term view.

Episode 14: ‘I needed to start being serious about it’: David’s proactive approach to super later in life
Arriving in Australia 60 years ago, David walked into a job at Ford, ultimately rising to senior management before his first retirement. A second career beckoned in automotive technology research, followed by another retirement stint. Finally, he embarked on a third career as an English teacher to medical professionals. Having worked well into his 70s, today he’s a content self-funded retiree with many life lessons to share.

Episode 13: What happens to your super if you die?
Do you know what happens to your super if you die? While talking about death is never an easy topic, it’s an important conversation to be having. Host Shane Hancock chats to Education Manager Jaclyn Livingstone about whether super is covered by your will, the process of choosing a beneficiary and what else you should be aware of.

Episode 12: ‘It’s opened my eyes’: How meeting with a financial adviser helped Lisa picture her best retirement
Lisa isn’t quite ready to fully retire, but knows she’s in a great place when the time comes. A designer and creative, she’s recently made the choice to reduce her hours, but not her enjoyment with creative work. Meeting with a financial adviser has helped her better understand spending habits and how to design the retirement she wants.

Episode 11: When can you access your super?
Do you know when you can access your super? Host Shane Hancock talks to Education Manager Peter Treseder about what to be aware of when it comes to accessing your super – from age requirements through to some of the options you could choose from to help manage your money in retirement.

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