The moments that count

There are moments in life that can change the course of your financial future and help set you up to achieve confidence in retirement. These are the moments that count.

Shane Hancock, Head of Member Products, Guidance and Advice, speaks to members and super experts from around Australia for The moments that count podcast.

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Episode 29: Tax time super tips
Adding extra to your super before the end of the financial year could help you save on tax, as well as boost your super balance. And there are a few ways to do so, depending on your personal circumstances. In this episode, host Shane Hancock sits down with Education Manager Michelle Kelada to discuss the different ways to add to super and the potential tax benefits of each.

Episode 28: ‘It's good to save for your future’: How Kulwant set himself up for retirement
Kulwant and his wife migrated to Australia in 1992 with their young and growing family. Although daunting, settling into a new city and finding a job didn’t faze him – and neither did understanding the value of growing his super account. Happily retiring three years ago, he’s now busier than ever chasing after his young grandchildren and enjoying retirement.

Episode 27: Understanding insurance through super
Having the right insurance cover can give you peace of mind that you’ll have money when you need it most. Many Australians have some level of cover through their super fund. Host Shane Hancock chats to Head of Insurance Richard Land about the types of insurance available, how to work out how much cover you need, and other considerations.

Episode 26: ‘The minute you stop work, you start a new life’: Carolyn & Jeff’s tips for retirement
Working at the Tax Office brought Carolyn and Jeff together – and years later, gave them the opportunity to retire together when both were offered redundancies from their executive roles. Ten years later, they’re living life to the fullest, with their super knowledge playing an important role in helping them achieve the lifestyle they always wanted.

Episode 25: Help and advice through super
Getting help and advice can help you achieve the lifestyle you want, both now and in the future. Everyone’s financial situation is different, so it can be tricky to know where to start and when to seek help. In this episode, host Shane Hancock chats to Head of Guidance and Advice Ross Ackland to break down the help and advice options available to AustralianSuper members, when to consider seeking advice, and how the financial advice process works.

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