The moments that count

There are moments in life that can change the course of your financial future and help set you up to achieve confidence in retirement. These are the moments that count.

Shane Hancock, Head of Member Products, Guidance and Advice, speaks to members and super experts from around Australia for The moments that count podcast.

Episode archive

Episode 26: ‘The minute you stop work, you start a new life’: Carolyn & Jeff’s tips for retirement
12 March 2024

Working at the Tax Office brought Carolyn and Jeff together – and years later, gave them the opportunity to retire together when both were offered redundancies from their executive roles. Ten years later, they’re living life to the fullest, with their super knowledge playing an important role in helping them achieve the lifestyle they always wanted.

Episode 25: Help and advice through super
20 February 2024

Getting help and advice can help you achieve the lifestyle you want, both now and in the future. Everyone’s financial situation is different, so it can be tricky to know where to start and when to seek help. In this episode, host Shane Hancock chats to Head of Guidance and Advice Ross Ackland to break down the help and advice options available to AustralianSuper members, when to consider seeking advice, and how the financial advice process works.

Episode 24: ‘Don’t be scared of the numbers’: How Warwick’s planning his move from self-employed to semi-retired
6 February 2024

After a decade working in corporate IT, Warwick knew his heart just wasn’t in it. He took a risk and decided to pursue his passion, becoming a self-employed professional speaker. While paying himself super wasn’t high on the priorities list, he knew the numbers were important and made sure to regularly review his super to maximise the benefits. Twenty years later, he’s ready for the next phase of his life, semi-retirement.

Episode 23: Your retirement questions answered
23 January 2024

From how much super is enough to how your super is invested, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to retirement planning. In this episode, host Shane Hancock sits down with financial adviser3 Fern Havea to answer a range of commonly asked questions we receive from members approaching retirement.

Episode 22: ‘I never looked at preparing myself financially’: Kiriaki’s journey to retirement
9 January 2024

During her working life as a teacher, retirement was the last thing on Kiriaki’s mind. Her super took a backseat as she faced the financial struggles of raising her young family as a single mother while working hard to pay the mortgage and bills. Now, a few years off 60 and enjoying semi-retirement, she’s finally had time to think about what the next chapter of her life holds.

Episode 21: Understanding downsizer contributions
19 December 2023

Thinking about downsizing your home? Eligible Australian homeowners can boost their retirement savings by contributing money from the sale of their home into super. In this episode, host Shane Hancock chats with financial adviser3 Chelsea Fletcher about how downsizer contributions work, the eligibility criteria and some things to consider.

Episode 20: ‘You have to prepare’: How Warren’s living life to the fullest in retirement
5 December 2023

After a varied career in the corporate world, Warren had the opportunity to take an early retirement package from his employer. Leading up to this moment, he put serious thought into what life after work would look like for him – not wanting to find himself with nothing to do. A few years down the track, he’s busier and more active than ever, with lots to look forward to.

Episode 19: Are you eligible for the Age Pension?
21 November 2023

Many retired Australians qualify for some level of the Government Age Pension. If you’re one of them, you could potentially use it to top up your super to support your retirement. In this episode, host Shane Hancock chats with financial adviser Steve Lambou about what the Age Pension is, how it works, and the various eligibility requirements.

Episode 18: ‘That money keeps growing’: Lisa on super’s starring role in her semi-retirement
7 November 2023

Lisa lived her dream of being a professional actor, but the uncertainty led her into the corporate world. She made sure her super took centre-stage, making extra contributions and salary sacrificing along the way. Today at 64, she’s happily semi-retired, which is proving to be her favourite role so far.

Episode 17: What happens when you retire earlier than planned?
17 October 2023

Unplanned retirement may come about due to illness, injury, family responsibilities or retrenchment. Others may have had enough of working and want to take control of their retirement journey. Host Shane Hancock chats to financial adviser3 Helen Harrison about the options and resources available to you, including accessing your super.

Episode 16: Advice was the most important thing’: Michael’s top tip in planning for retirement
3 October 2023

Michael has had a long and varied career and has recently gone back into full time employment while his wife begins her retirement. Having cashed out his super earlier in his working life he had to build his balance back up from zero. Through the help of a financial adviser, Michael was able to confidently plan for retirement before choosing to re-enter into the workforce.

Episode 15: The investment decisions behind super
19 September 2023

Have you ever wondered how investment decisions are made? In this episode host Shane Hancock chats to Head of Portfolio Construction Justine O’Connell. They discuss the process of investing members’ money, different types of assets, the impact of scale and active management as well as the importance of taking a long-term view.

Episode 14: ‘I needed to start being serious about it’: David’s proactive approach to super later in life
5 September 2023

Arriving in Australia 60 years ago, David walked into a job at Ford, ultimately rising to senior management before his first retirement. A second career beckoned in automotive technology research, followed by another retirement stint. Finally, he embarked on a third career as an English teacher to medical professionals. Having worked well into his 70s, today he’s a content self-funded retiree with many life lessons to share.

Episode 13: What happens to your super if you die?
15 August 2023

Do you know what happens to your super if you die? While talking about death is never an easy topic, it’s an important conversation to be having. Host Shane Hancock chats to Education Manager Jaclyn Livingstone about whether super is covered by your will, the process of choosing a beneficiary and what else you should be aware of.

Episode 12: ‘It’s opened my eyes’: How meeting with a financial adviser helped Lisa picture her best retirement
1 August 2023

Lisa isn’t quite ready to fully retire, but knows she’s in a great place when the time comes. A designer and creative, she’s recently made the choice to reduce her hours, but not her enjoyment with creative work. Meeting with a financial adviser has helped her better understand spending habits and how to design the retirement she wants.

Episode 11: When can you access your super?
18 July 2023

Do you know when you can access your super? Host Shane Hancock talks to Education Manager Peter Treseder about what to be aware of when it comes to accessing your super – from age requirements through to some of the options you could choose from to help manage your money in retirement.

Episode 10: ‘Live your life, enjoy your life’: A challenging path to retirement, but Andrea’s still smiling
4 July 2023

We usually think of super for our retirement, but in Andrea’s case it was literally a lifesaver. Andrea’s super helped with her medical bills, giving her the chance to recover as she fought cancer. But that’s just part of her remarkable story. Hear how Andrea remained positive in the face of several personal challenges along the way to retirement.

Episode 9: Should you get financial advice after you’ve retired?
20 June 2023

Shane sits down with Financial Planner Dale Barratt to talk through the reasons why someone might need to start or continue receiving financial advice during their retirement years. From changes to your situation, to considering social security benefits, there are lots of reasons why advice could help after you’ve retired. 

Episode 8: ‘I thought, I’ve left it too late’: The moment Debra decided to retire
6 June 2023

After a series of events, Debra made the decision to retire and hasn’t looked back since. She doesn’t know how she managed to fit in work now that she has such a full and busy retirement. Hear how Debra has settled into retirement and her plans for the future.

Episode 7: Super and redundancy
16 May 2023

Ever wondered what happens to your super if you get made redundant from your job? Host Shane Hancock chats with Financial Planning Manager3 Natashya Vikram about how you could manage your super if you’re affected by redundancy.

Episode 6: 'I wish I had done it earlier’: Eric on enjoying life in retirement
2 May 2023

Eric was made redundant in his 50s and then again four years later, after which he decided it was time to retire and focus on what makes him happiest. Best of all, he’d saved up enough super to retire comfortably. Hear about the steps Eric and his wife took to achieve financial freedom in retirement.

Episode 4: ‘It was horrendous’: How Elaine lost everything and rebuilt her finances

3 April 2023

Elaine and her husband, Max, lost their business, home, car and life savings while they had two young children. A few years later, Max was diagnosed with terminal cancer so they worked hard to set the family up financially before he passed. Hear how Elaine achieved financial security in her working life and retirement. 

Episode 3: How much super do you need in retirement and when should you start planning?
13 March 2023

Shane Hancock sits down with financial adviser3 Helen Harrison to talk about how much super someone needs in retirement. Helen and Shane also discuss when it’s a good time to start preparing for retirement and some quick ways you can start the planning process. Helen references the ASFA Retirement Standard, September quarter 2022.

Episode 2: ‘I’m financially independent’: How John found financial freedom in retirement
28 February 2023

After a fulfilling and passionate career, John has been enjoying retirement for the past 11 years. And although he’s financially independent, he’s still working odd jobs to keep things interesting. Hear about when John started thinking about retirement, the steps he took to save more super, and how frequently he sees his financial adviser.

Episode 1: ‘Create a dream’: How Karen planned for retirement
28 February 2023

Karen has had a diverse career – from teaching aerobics to running an online store. At 67 she’s now enjoying retirement, spending time with the grandkids and making travel plans. Hear how Karen started preparing financially for retirement and the things she wished she’d done differently.

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