The moments that count

There are moments in life that can change the course of your financial future and help set you up to achieve confidence in retirement. These are the moments that count.

Shane Hancock, Head of Member Products, Guidance and Advice, speaks to members and super experts from around Australia for The moments that count podcast.

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Episode 10: ‘Live your life, enjoy your life’: A challenging path to retirement, but Andrea’s still smiling
We usually think of super for our retirement, but in Andrea’s case it was literally a lifesaver. Andrea’s super helped with her medical bills, giving her the chance to recover as she fought cancer. But that’s just part of her remarkable story. Hear how Andrea remained positive in the face of several personal challenges along the way to retirement.

Episode 9: Should you get financial advice after you’ve retired?
Shane sits down with Financial Planner Dale Barratt to talk through the reasons why someone might need to start or continue receiving financial advice during their retirement years. From changes to your situation, to considering social security benefits, there are lots of reasons why advice could help after you’ve retired. 

Episode 8: ‘I thought, I’ve left it too late’: The moment Debra decided to retire

After a series of events, Debra made the decision to retire and hasn’t looked back since. She doesn’t know how she managed to fit in work now that she has such a full and busy retirement. Hear how Debra has settled into retirement and her plans for the future.

Episode 7: Super and redundancy
Ever wondered what happens to your super if you get made redundant from your job? Host Shane Hancock chats with Financial Planning Manager3 Natashya Vikram about how you could manage your super if you’re affected by redundancy.

Episode 6: 'I wish I had done it earlier’: Eric on enjoying life in retirement
Eric was made redundant in his 50s and then again four years later, after which he decided it was time to retire and focus on what makes him happiest. Best of all, he’d saved up enough super to retire comfortably. Hear about the steps Eric and his wife took to achieve financial freedom in retirement.

Episode 5: The different ways you can contribute extra to your super

Host Shane Hancock talks with Education Manager Daihla McGinty about the different ways you can make additional contributions to your super, including strategies such as salary sacrificing, spouse contributions and Government co-contributions4.

Episode 4: ‘It was horrendous’: How Elaine lost everything and rebuilt her finances

3 April 2023

Elaine and her husband, Max, lost their business, home, car and life savings while they had two young children. A few years later, Max was diagnosed with terminal cancer so they worked hard to set the family up financially before he passed. Hear how Elaine achieved financial security in her working life and retirement. 

Episode 3: How much super do you need in retirement and when should you start planning?
13 March 2023

Shane Hancock sits down with financial adviser3 Helen Harrison to talk about how much super someone needs in retirement. Helen and Shane also discuss when it’s a good time to start preparing for retirement and some quick ways you can start the planning process. Helen references the ASFA Retirement Standard, September quarter 2022.

Episode 2: ‘I’m financially independent’: How John found financial freedom in retirement
28 February 2023

After a fulfilling and passionate career, John has been enjoying retirement for the past 11 years. And although he’s financially independent, he’s still working odd jobs to keep things interesting. Hear about when John started thinking about retirement, the steps he took to save more super, and how frequently he sees his financial adviser.

Episode 1: ‘Create a dream’: How Karen planned for retirement
28 February 2023

Karen has had a diverse career – from teaching aerobics to running an online store. At 67 she’s now enjoying retirement, spending time with the grandkids and making travel plans. Hear how Karen started preparing financially for retirement and the things she wished she’d done differently.

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